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The mountain of brochures next to my desk is growing out of control, so before it starts attracting the attention of would-be Chris Bonnington's, I have decided to take it in hand. The dreariest publications are heading off for an recycling grave (hurrah), while the best of the latest arrivals will get a short sharp but appreciative mention in this week's column.

Jasmin's brochure for 1998 is out detailing the tours the company runs throughout the Near and Far East. If you travel with Jasmin you can reach the parts most tourists will never see - among exotic highlights are Syria, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Yemen and Iran. Get a copy just to remind yourself of how adventurous a holiday can be.

More international excitement, but of a posher variety, can be found in the pages of the Elegant Resorts Luxury Holidays Worldwide brochure. These are getaways for people who insist on flying Club or First Class and like to visit tropical hot spots such as Mauritius, the Seychelles, Thailand, the Maldives or Bali. The brochure is as fat as a copy of Vogue and equally glossy but the text is far far snootier. Fantastic.

Top marks also go to the brochure for Spanish Harbour Holidays. Its honest sounding reviews, simple photographs, and pleasing design, will lure you to the unspoilt stretches of the Costa Brava.

Finally, there's the Cheltenham Spa accommodation guide which, with refreshing flair, promotes a place you might consider stuffy. It includes details of the numerous arts and entertainment events held in the town and also how to escape deep into the glorious Cotswolds.

Jasmin tel, 0181 675 8886; Elegant Resorts Luxury Holidays Worldwide, tel 01244 897016; Spanish Harbour Holidays tel, 0117 986 0777; Cheltenham Spa, tel 01242 231061.