RENTING a telephone to make your holiday safer might seem an extreme measure, but attacks on tourists in Florida have led Holiday Security Ltd (031 654 0990) to come up with an offer of half- price phone hire in Florida. The discount is available to anyone who buys a copy of a 36-page booklet on holiday safety, which costs pounds 3.99.

The company has struck a deal with a phone rental company called Intouch USA, which offers next-day delivery to your hotel.

'You can call Florida police immediately you feel threatened,' said George Korankye of Holiday Security. You could also use the phone to get directions if you are lost, thus reducing the risk of being attacked while seeking help. Increased security does not come cheap, however: even with the 50 per cent discount, a fortnight's rental works out at dollars 74 (about pounds 50). Calls anywhere in the US cost dollars 1.95 ( pounds 1.30) per minute.