Travel hacks: How to make a long flight bearable

Going on a long-haul flight? Nitai Aventaggiato has some suggestions to make it more bearable 

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1) After years of laughing at people walking around with a neck pillow, I got one myself. If you fly economy it's one of the best investments. Get one that you can stow in your backpack or carry on.

2) Get noise cancelling headphones. Seriously, do it. I got the Bose q20i. $300 but you will not regret it. I hear no engine noise, almost no kids screaming or other “noises”. Best thing ever, especially on those international flights. 

3) If you travel with family and you have a higher status, book for your family so everyone gets the same perks. I'm a United 1k member so it helps others as well (better seats, boarding groups, etc.)

4) If you travel a lot it pays to get lounge access. Some lounges contain its own help desk. In case your flight gets cancelled you can do it within the lounge avoiding the 200+ people at the “standard” customer desk.

5) Hydrate! I always travel with my Contigo mug - or at least make sure you have a bottle of water. 

6) Always have some snack bars in your backpack.

7) Get a great suitcase and if possible only travel with a carry-on. Personally, I only travel with a carry-on. I easily do two weeks with it.

8) Wear comfortable clothes but still presentable. Meaning, no sweat pants or flip-flops or alike. Comfortable shoes (closed ones as it can get cold in the air) and think about bringing a vest or alike with you. I can't count how many times, my vest kept me warm. Personally, I always wear long pants and a long sleeve.

Apart from that and as I'm flying over 200k a year, I would say that good behavior and mindfulness of others will also help here. Meaning, do NOT bring your stinky food on the plane (you are sitting in an air tight tube with 200 other people!), make sure you don't smell (seriously it is annoying sitting next to someone for 10h who smells or hasn't brushed his teeth) and be nice to the flight attendants (they are simply doing their job).

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