FOLLOWING my comments on the dangers of leaving Miami airport (Independent Traveller, 10 April), John McCarthy, of Surbiton, writes to stress the risks of attempting to drive in America straight after arriving on a transatlantic flight.

'Driving off in a strange car in a different country after a long and tiring flight can never be safe, with passengers disoriented. In June my wife and I are setting out on a three-week self-drive tour of the American West Coast and this time we will start by spending the first couple of nights in a hotel in San Francisco before hiring a car.

'I feel that fly-drive operators should offer accommodation to passengers arriving in America, with a transfer by shuttle bus or similar. Even just a rest for a few hours would be of great help, particularly suitable for those who arrive early in the day and who don't want to spend a night in the area.'

Maurice Davies, of Basingstoke, condemns the lack of action from the Foreign Office. 'If Americans were being regularly robbed and murdered on the M4 as they left Heathrow airport you can be sure that the US government would be up on its hind legs demanding instant action.

'Why doesn't our government do more to ensure the protection of its citizens in America? If no one else is prepared to do something, then perhaps someone like Richard Branson should lead the way by paying the small amount necessary to put up some decent signposts around Miami airport.'

Victor Carlton, of Bristol, says he long ago decided to steer clear of Miami airport after suffering a blow-out on I75 ('Alligator Alley') and having to spend a terrifying night trying to sleep in the car.

'Tampa and Orlando are much nicer airports,' writes Mr Carlton.