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Until 31 May


The Leopold collection is held to be one of the most important private collections of Schiele's work and is showing at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. It consists of 152 paintings and drawings by the Viennese artist who along with Klimt and Kokoschka was seen as one of the leading lights of the Viennese school of expressionism.

25 March


This date brings a double dose of partying to Greece, as the day is both a national holiday and religious festival - Independence Day and the feast of Annunciation. Independence Day military parades celebrate the beginning of the revolt against Turkish rule in 1821, and Annunciation (Evangelisms in Greek) church services are held to honour the day in which Mary received news that she was to become the Mother of Christ. Major festivities an be found around any church named Evangelisms, whose name day it is.

27-29 March


Bookworms will be wriggling with haste to this seat of learning this month, for the Oxford Literary Festival. Fifty-two authors and personalities will be sharing their words of wisdom, among them Colin Dexter. He is the creator of Oxford's Inspector Morse and will wax lyrical about crime writing. Alastair Little discusses the state of food writing and Humphrey Carpenter talks about his new biography of Dennis Potter. For information call 01865 514149.

27 March-26 April


Jurassic Park comes to Philadelphia for a month with The World Fair of Dinosaurs. Heralding itself as "the best dinosaur event in 65 million years", Dinofest will feature the largest collection of dinosaur eggs ever assembled. There will be film and art exhibits with presentations from palaeontologists, and 15 life-sized, "fleshed" as opposed to flesh eating robotic dinosaurs. Let's hope they don't start incubating the eggs

28 March

Putney, London

The Oxford vs Cambridge boat race oars its way into the popular sporting events calendar again. The famed race from Putney to Mortlake dates back to 1829.