12 best luxury hotels in the UK

Whether it's spas, golfing, or beautiful views you're after, here's our pick of the best

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The word 'luxury' is one of the most overused in marketing, no more so than when it comes to the travel industry. So where does that leave people who want to stay in a genuinely lavish and all-round superb hotel?

The hospitality industry’s hotel star ratings are a good start, of course, but even this can be misleading and confusing. Moreover, online reviews quickly reveal that even some five star hotels can let service, food or facilities slip, whilst others inflate their prices.

Read on to discover our pick of the best of the best in the UK – the hotels that we think it’s worth forking out the extra money on for a really special overnight stay. Whether you want a swish city-based, boutique hotel or country house accommodation set in rolling fields – or maybe you want a romantic, family or corporate stay – our list will help you find your perfect hotel in the perfect destination.

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