With summer finally here, we offer a few good reasons to stay put and explore the sandy shores of the UK

People often say the UK is cold, wet and miserable, but they're clearly forgetting about the warm, inviting, Great British summer (and the ten days of it we get a year).

From the places with stunning natural beauty, to coastal retreats great for activities such as surfing or walking, make the most of these sunny days by visiting one of the many beautiful beaches our island is home to.


Barafundle Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales used to be privately owned - now the public can enjoy its rural beauty and relaxing location. Camber Sands, in Sussex, looks like something from a Hollywood movie – with traditional British pebbles and stretching golden sand dunes. There’s a chance you could forget you’re in the UK in Blackpool Sands, Devon. With its exotic scenery – it’s also a great spot for swimming due to the clean and calm waters. Our list also includes Holkham Bay in Norfolk, which is perfect for long walks, the enclosed and secluded Lansallos Bay, in Cornwall, the quiet and beautiful Nairn Beach in Nairnshire in Scotland – and Sandwood Bay Beach, even further north in Sutherland- one more in Wales in the form of the gorgeous Rhosilli Bay in Swansea, and a couple of popular tourist destinations such as Porthminster Beach in Cornwall and Brighton Beach in East Sussex.

Take a look through our gallery above, you might just be surprised at what you can find in the UK.

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