TripAdvisor looked at the average cost of staying in twenty British cities for one night in August

Londoners are well-known for complaining endlessly about the costs of living in the capital, but they may be surprised to learn that this year Edinburgh is the most expensive city in Britain for an overnight stay.

The survey was conducted in twenty British cities by TripAdvisor. The travel website compared the costs of a night for two in a four star hotel in August, a meal at a restaurant and a short taxi ride. The Scottish capital came in at the most expensive at £330 per night, above Cambridge at £277 and London at £267. In Edinburgh the hotel alone cost £233, more than cost of an entire night at the top thirteen cheapest cities.


At the other end of the list, Sheffield has become the most affordable overnight destination at only £154 per night. The bargain holiday destination of choice in Britain replaced Nottingham which occupied the position last year but has since climbed to eighth. Birmingham (£166), Cardiff (£173) and Newcastle upon Tyne (£176) sit at second, third and fourth respectively.

TripAdvisor spokesman James Kay said: 'For travellers planning a UK break over the upcoming bank holiday weekend, heading north will generally offer the best value for an evening out and overnight stay.'