Watch a man race the Circle line - and win

Video: Next time there's a tube strike, just run to work...

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This is the video that makes you wonder whether all those tube closures and never-ending upgrades are really worth it.

One London commuter gave the phrase "rush hour" a whole new meaning when he raced against a London Underground train…and beat it.

Londoner Jason Heptonstall, 30, decided to film the epic sprint that saw him leave a eastbound circle line train at Mansion House and board the same train at Cannon Street minutes later.

Wearing a GoPro camera on his head, Heptonstall travelled 320 metres, navigating 75 steps, two ticket barriers and a labyrinth of roads into order to reach the train at Cannon Street in 1minute 20 seconds.

Heptonstall’s friend Noel Carroll was on hand to film the environmental consultant collapse onto the train as he managed to reach the train before the doors closed and as passengers cheered his amazing feat.

Although Heptonstall might have been slightly annoyed having to touch in and out on his Oyster card at two stations so close to one another, thus racking up a huge pay-as-you-go bill, the ability to tell anyone and everyone you're faster than a train was probably worth it.