23-30 Nov

The week-long Grand Cordillera festival is a cultural celebration of one of the indigenous tribes living on the northern island of Luzon. Held in Baguio City (right), it is a rich feast of exuberant dancing, traditional music and religious rituals; but although the occasional animal sacrifice might take place, it is unlikely that the Ifugao tribe will indulge in its ancient practice of headhunting.


25 Nov

The French have an idiomatic equivalent to our phrase "mad as a hatter", and the 25th is the day when the Parisian fashion industry goes exactly that. Les Catherinettes is an annual event where single women who work in the fashion industry, and are over 25 years old, don their most outrageous hats for an unofficial street show which can top even Ascot.


27 Nov

The final "Tori-no-ichi", or Rooster Fair, is to be held in Otori Shrines throughout Tokyo. The Otori Shrine at Asakusa is the best known. Following the oriental zodiacal calendar, the festivals are held on "rooster" days in November and "Kumade" or bamboo rakes are adorned with ornaments symbolising good fortune.


28 Nov

Here's food for thought. At 113 Shoreditch High Street, two Russian artists, Unus Safardiar and Vitaly V, are going to create 10 massive sculptures out of 3 tons of food. The food will be prepared by 15 chefs under Peter Richards from Westminster College and the show opens at 7pm. Aside from the works' aesthetic merits, what is most enticing for the 300 invited guests is that, after the viewing, they can eat the exhibits. Please sirs, can we have some Henry Moore?


29-30 Nov

Seven Aboriginal groups congregate at Albury-Wodonga in New South Wales to celebrate the festival of the Bogong Moth. It is a chance for the Aboriginals to display their artistic prowess, whether in paintings, storytelling, dance or music. But once the didgeridoos are put aside, the participants trek up to the high plains to feast on the hapless Bogong Moth.