Peru The Feast of Saint San Juan De Dios in Puno is marked by a procession of decorated Llamas carrying firewood. In the evenings the wood is burned on bonfires and Suri Sikuri dancers perform around and through the flames. The Llama procession and the dancers are accompanied by traditional music. The next day the revellers parade the image of the saint through the village.

10-14 MARCH

Denmark The Home Exhibition at the Forum Exhibition Centre in Copenhagen promises bliss to home lovers. If you are after ideas for a new look for your house then this is the place to form them. On show will be displays from more than 100 exhibitors eager to sell everything from letter boxes through modern kitchen cabinets to conservatory extensions.


Thailand The Phra Bhuddhabat temple in Saraburi is the destination for this colourful Buddhist pilgrimage festival. The temple is one of six royal temples in Thailand and ranks among the kingdom's most spectacular. Within the temple is a beautifully intricate and delicate shrine which houses a massive footprint of the Buddha, identifiable by over 100 unique marks.

11-14 MARCH

United Kingdom Held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, Crufts '99 showcases the creme de la creme of dogdom. Expect an awesome line up of pedigree champs in 2,000 individual classes. Every breed will be on show and every owner will be hoping to win the "Best in Show" competition on the Sunday. For further information visit the website at: www.crufts.org.uk

12-19 MARCH

Spain The Fallas De San Jose festival in Valencia is a celebration of spring. The stars of the festival are massive papier mache effigies of horses and humans. These are packed with fireworks and set alight on 300 bonfires on the night of San Jose (19 March). Standing some five stories tall they make a spectacular backdrop to the all night partying of the Valencians and visitors alike.


United States Madison Square Garden, the home of boxing in new York, will play host to the challenge for the world heavyweight title between Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield. In promoter Don King's words, this is the fight "the world has been clamouring for". Tickets don't come cheap, starting at pounds 334. Advance bookings can be made by calling Globaltickets on 0171-734 4555.