Summer holidays; quite simply, there's nothing better. The complete paucity of sunshine on offer in Britain over the last few months, however, served as a harsh and wet reminder that, if at all possible, it is best to spend at least some of the 'summer' months away from these shores. When it comes to your breaks next year, holidays 2012 can be made the most of with some forward planning.

On a practical level, booking your spot early leaves the full range of accommodation for your delectation. A stay in your number one choice of hotel or holiday apartment should be guaranteed, providing you are both prompt and decisive. Furthermore, booking this early is potentially a significant money saver as you are likely to find both cheaper holidays and lower travel agent deposits.

Many holiday providers offer huge discounts on next year's breaks in order to fill both rooms and seats in advance. The low rates are accepted as the general consensus dictates that anyone booking this early is both keen and organised, and therefore unlikely to cancel. Whether searching for an adrenalin-fuelled adventure getaway or relaxing beach holidays in Egypt, take care to check your investment is insured should anything go wrong.

Confirming your holiday this year has the further monetary benefit of allowing you to finance the adventure with inexpensive month-by-month payments. Owing to the decreased risks concerning holidays booked in advance, low deposits are often the norm. Consequently, no dramatic cutbacks should be required as you near boarding time.

A key ingredient to the perfect holiday is, of course, spending money. Whether you've gone for one of the many Tenerife holidays or have booked yourself into a big city, doing so early will enable you to save over the course of many months, leading to a significantly larger pot then you might otherwise have had available.

Above all, taking the time to research and organise your holiday this far in advance ensures you will discover the perfect time away. Though there are savings to be made from leaving it to the last minute, they are not significantly greater than booking early and leaves you somewhat in the laps of the holiday gods. There are no guarantees with regards to where and what is on offer and, frankly, the best places will, in all probability, have gone.

Planning in advance offers both peace of mind and an opportunity to organise thoroughly. Making the right choices in terms of food, clothing and miscellany is vital for total holiday enjoyment. In addition, and of perhaps greater importance for those heading for exotic or unusual destinations, early preparation also enables those with the wanderlust bug to get all the vaccinations and medical advice required for such adventures. Many of these vaccines need to be administered a substantial amount of time before travel.

Lastly, nothing quite warms the cockles during the bitterly cold winter and windswept rainy spring months than the thought and anticipation of the perfect summer break. Book now and get that summer feeling.