Cooper Brown: Rebecca Black

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There’s this awesome new song called “Friday” that I can’t get out of my head. It’s by this 13-year-old chick, Rebecca Black. Predictably the Twitterati hate her. I think she’s cool, the song is really catchy and the lyrics are great. It’s the problem with the UK I’m noticing more and more.

You guys don’t like success, do you? Anyone makes it big, you bitch and slag them off and then all cheer when they get caught doing something you’d love to do but don’t have the balls. It’s why your country should start thinking about changing the “Great”bit in Great Britain. Sure, 200 years ago, you guys were kings of the world and ruled everything. But now, you’re almost Third World. Even I’m starting to get the treatment. Suddenly, because I’ve got a daily diary in the hippest newspaper of the moment, I’m being attacked from all sides. You should see the letters I get. Here’s one from this morning. It’s from Eastbourne.

“Dear Cooper Brown, you are lowlife, you are beyong [sic] rubbish. You deserve to die and to be burned alive with nobody there to see it. I hope they get you soon… you don’t deserve to be alive you homosexualist…”

All this, just because I happen to be doing something good in the public eye. In America I’d be getting dads cutting out my columns and using it to show their kids how to get on. Ah well, in the words of Rebecca Black: “Friday, Friday. Gettin’ down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend… party yeah yeah…”Cooper Out.

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