Grace Dent: Cressida's better off without the pressure that comes with dating a prince

The Royal Family do not require a living breathing woman with brains and ambition

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Cress, 24, and Harry, 29 are off. Finished. Harry's texting her 20 times day trying to make things up, apparently. Cress is off work with a broken heart, “they” say. Something about a holiday in Vegas did the damage. If Harry wasn’t fourth in line to the British throne and Cressida wasn’t our new national “Princess-in-waiting”, the details of this youthful romance’s ups and down would hardly interest their closest friends.

I can’t even remember who I was dating when I was 24 years old. but I’m sure I believed this was huge, important forever love and I’m bloody thankful I was wrong. This is no age for a sharp young woman to become forever betrothed to anyone. In Cressida’s case, this warning is somewhat amplified.

Most tiny girls go through a stage of yearning to be either a ballerina or a princess. The former is a lifetime of bunions and anorexia, the latter involves the utter loss of personal freedom in return for constant scrutiny. The Royal Family do not require a living breathing woman with wit, brains and ambition, they require a virginal semi-mute who can look fragrant in a tea-dress, take etiquette advice without sulking, and push out an heir, a spare, and then one in case of emergency. If Cressida had any sense she would leave her phone turned off.