Grace Dent

Grace Dent is a journalist, author, and broadcaster.

Grace Dent For Brexiteers, replacing cod with squid will be the final straw

I like to imagine two of these women, in Huddersfield, right this moment, clad in Union Jack mini-dresses bought off eBay, with home highlights, spam arms and flinty eyes, currently penning a pithy protest song for their YouTube channel rhyming ‘Evil, stupid Pinnegar’ with ‘Give us back our salt ’n’ vinegar’

Grace Dent Hilary Duff’s Halloween costume faux pas wasn’t malicious

Didn’t the model Karlie Kloss end up in a furious debacle over a thong and a head-dress at the Victoria’s Secret runway show? Mmm… something about Pharrell Williams in Elle magazine? Hang on, haven’t the Washington Redskins been begged furiously to change their name of late? 

Grace Dent Stop telling me you're going on holiday ‘for charity’

October also sees the start of Black History Month, an opportunity for Caucasian 20-something eternal students with names like Crispin Bunter-Wilmthorpe to handcuff themselves to the gates of Chessington World of Adventures after taking exception to the shocking level of cultural appropriation in the Penguins of Madagascar Treetop Hoppers ride

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