Grace Dent

Grace Dent is a journalist, author, and broadcaster.

Pokémon Go is the break from reality we all need

There will no doubt be a Pokémon Go scare story soon. Yet it’s important to remember that for a short time in July 2016, there was tangible proof that our default setting is open, curious, childlike and really quite silly

Child-free women like me aren't tragic figures

Andrea Leadsom pointed out that bearing children gave her 'a very real stake in the future'. This, as opposed to women like Jennifer Aniston and myself, who would smash their barren fists upon a nuclear detonator at a second’s notice screaming, ‘The world ends after meeeeee!’ 

How the nation watched on as nothing changed

There is no clearer sign of the forthcoming apocalypse than the suspension of Holly and Phil running through new trends in vagina steaming and the latest in high street Capri pants

So your brain can handle wizards and magic but not black Hermione?

Nowadays, we get told a lot of things are racist - yoga, the Village People, 'Mexican Mondays' at Wetherspoons - but this time round, I really am inclined to agree with J K Rowling that people who can't get on board with a black actor playing Hermione are a bunch of racists

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