Grace Dent

Grace Dent is a journalist, author, and broadcaster.

Grace Dent Hilary Duff’s Halloween costume faux pas wasn’t malicious

Didn’t the model Karlie Kloss end up in a furious debacle over a thong and a head-dress at the Victoria’s Secret runway show? Mmm… something about Pharrell Williams in Elle magazine? Hang on, haven’t the Washington Redskins been begged furiously to change their name of late? 

Grace Dent Nigel Farage shouldn’t write off the Steven Woolfe incident so soon

It is 100 days since Farage humiliated Britain with a speech in which he informed men such as MEP Vytenis Andriukaitis, the decorated cardiac surgeon, that he had ‘never done a day’s work’ in his life. Now here he is again informing the world that a brain scan here and a double seizure there is simply the British political way

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