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“Could I make a suggestion,” asks Catherine Mahy of Sidcup, Kent, in one of the 1,000 reader emails containing proposals for improving i which are archived on my desk. “I don’t know if it is feasible, but would it be possible to have a page (weekly, or monthly) to review all the long-term, ongoing stories that we so  easily put in the back of our mind until they burst into the news again?”

Reader John Bestley, meanwhile, proposes a section entitled “Old News”, explaining: “Fresh exciting news can dominate the headlines,  letters and editorials for days – then just sink. What has happened following the hurricane in the Philippines? To the Liberal peer who was accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour?”

We in the media can be culpable of moving on quickly; the news agenda is by its nature a tangle of loose ends. One quarterly publication is dedicated to challenging this: Delayed Gratification describes itself as “the world’s first Slow Journalism magazine, proud to be Last to Breaking News”.

Today, we have a cheerful what-happened-next tale for you. Oliver Cameron, the kidney transplant patient whose sister was refused a UK visa to become his donor, is about to undergo the life-changing operation, following the Home Office’s change of heart. And he would like to thank i readers for your role in the reversal – and generosity in offering to pay for his sister’s travel when he could not afford the fare.

“The response was simply overwhelming,” he told our chief reporter Cahal Milmo, after we forwarded on  your many messages of support and of financial assistance. “It filled me with such gratitude and faith  that there are plenty of people out there who care, are decent and want to  help.” All the best to Mr Cameron and to his sister, Keisha Rushton, who is now in the UK and is preparing for the op. We’ll let you know how they get on.


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