#Leveson, New Zealand, #freezing: Why are they trending?

What's trending and why?

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It's only about two hours until the much sweated-over #Leveson report gets revealed to the world. Or, as @DavidAllenGreen puts it: "... until Asteroid #Leveson smashes into Earth, extinguishing free speech everywhere and forever. Or something like that."

In an unprecedented move, the Deputy PM will this afternoon take the extraordinary step of dissenting publicly from his own Government’s response to the Leveson Inquiry’s blueprint for the future of a free press in Britain.

The debate in the media has been polarised about whether we shackle the press or free it, but as The Independent founder Andreas Whittam Smith writes, there is a middle way.

@JohnPrescott tweets: "David Blunkett who organised Tory MPs & Lords letter against state regulation is paid £49500 a year by Murdochhttp://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/feb/01/david-blunkett-news-international-adviser … "

@Stephenfry tweets: Above the mighty roar of tabloids grandly proclaiming themselves sentinels of freedom do consider following HackedOffHugh

@BBCNews tweets:Parents of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler arrive to hear Lord Justice Leveson's findings. LIVE coverage http://bbc.in/Qs6sgD

New Zealand

New Zealand has re-branded itself as "Middle Earth" in time for the Hobbit premiere. Air New Zealand has given its planes a sexy Lord of the Rings-themed makeover, to fly the stars to said premiere, and made an in-flight safety video starring hobbits and elves to go with it. The accusations by PETA about the film's alleged mistreatment of animals during filming have all but been buried under the media deluge.

@FlyAirNZ tweets: Air New Zealand at The Hobbit World Premierehttp://www.theflyingsocialnetwork.com/archives/6778  via FlyAirNZ

You can take our Lord of the Rings quiz here.


It is, in case you hadn't observed, really, really freezing outside. My boiler stopped working for a while yesterday. Share your tales of being very cold with this highly appropriate hashtag.

@southbanklondon tweets: FREEZING? Warm up with a hot chocolate with views of the Thames on southbanklondon http://ow.ly/fFKU2

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