Tales from the Water Cooler: What did Miley do wrong?

Imagine the carnage if we'd had Twitter in the Fifties

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This week’s spat between Sinead O’Connor and Miley Cyrus was odd. In an open letter to Cyrus, warning her not to allow her talent to be sexualised by the music industry, O’Connor took the maternal “You’re not going out dressed like THAT!” view. Cyrus, of course, was happy to play her truculent little madam of a daughter.

But was this laudable concern from one woman to another, or a mumsy rant from a jealous has-been? Aside from “presenting” to Robin Thicke at the MTV Awards and rubbing a big foam finger on his crotch, what did Miley do wrong?

What would have happened if  we’d had Twitter in the Fifties,  when Elvis Presley was shaking his Mississippi moneymaker…

Cliff Richard @bachelorboy 10m

@ElvisTheKing Must u thrust your crotch on TV so fervently? It’s like your sin is right in my face. #jesuslovesyou

Elvis Presley @ElvisTheKing 8m

@bachelorboy Sir, I don’t rightly know who u are, but every move I make is for the glory of the Lord. #thankyouverymuch

Mother Teresa @nunbetter 2m

Don’t listen to him @ElvisTheKing. Keep it up, son. Calcutta luvs u!!! 

Pope Pius XII @infallible 1m

@bachelorboy Shut it, mistletoe and whine. No one cares what you think. Rock on, @ElvisTheKing.