Donald MacInnes

Donald MacInnes writes Tales from the Water Cooler, which can be found every Saturday on page 2 of i. And, although a financial near-imbecile, he writes a weekly column in The Independent’s Money section, also on Saturdays. He writes regularly on a broad range of subjects in i’s Freeview section and occasionally fills in on Simon Kelner’s daily column when emotionally up to it. @DonaldAMacInnes

Donald MacInnes: By George, a princely survey has driven me to

Being as I have always been honest about my status as a sort of placebo wordsmith – giving the impression of having genuine journalistic acumen without actually having any quantifiable justification for doing so – one might imagine that few people within the serious media world would give me the time of day. Not so.

Donald MacInnes: When a plumber's grandson's musical goes down the

If you are a fan of musical theatre (and if you are, what the hell are you doing reading this? Shouldn't you be out in the back garden practising your big solo number at the end of Act Two?), you will be gutted to hear that Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest musical, which bears the decidedly unextravagant title of Stephen Ward, is to close after it lasted in London's glittering West End less than four months.

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Tales from the water cooler: A by-product of Nelson Mandela's

I would never presume to be capable of adding anything of weight to those solemn odes to Nelson Mandela written by our body of accomplished scribes. I’ll therefore try to offer something perhaps more lightweight and just hope you don’t think me flippant (and I’m guessing you won’t, or you would have long ago given this daft wee corner of the internet a miss in favour of the far more legitimate journalism featured from elsewhere).