The morning catch-up: Obama's ratings, Ryanair HQ and tennis themed puns

The comment from around the web that has caught our our man's eye today

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1. Chart of the Day: Obama's ratings take a knock as Iraq goes bad.

2. Interesting article by Jonathan Portes of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research on his selfless (and occasionally selfish) correction of errors. He praises the Press Complaints Commission, shortly to be replaced by the Independent Press Standards Organisation, and lists his eight complaints, pointing out that they have a deterrent effect, because journalists and editors hate admitting they are wrong and so are more careful. I think it is worth noting, also, that the internet means that articles - in the form to which they are referred after publication - can be corrected.  

3. Lovely collection of photographs of unusual offices in Dublin. Thanks to Larry Ryan. Ryanair's HQ has a slide and a “no gobshites” warning.

4. There were stories in the press yesterday that Ed Miliband was planning to stay on as Labour leader if he loses the election.

I wrote that story in October.

But the point about Eddie "Klingon" stories is that they are promoted by Balls-Cooper faction to ensure the leader's swift exit, and Yvette Cooper’s swift succession, if Labour is defeated next year. Indeed, Patrick Wintour of The Guardian says that “friends of Miliband say he intends to win next election, but if he loses will be gone. In modern politics and five-year parliaments, one shot is allowed”.

5. Two fine quiz questions came up yesterday, from the Labour History Group and David Allen Green. Who was the last Prime Minister not to be leader of a party? Who was the last Prime Minister not to be an MP? (Answers in the links.)

6. Finally, thanks again to Chris Heaton-Harris:

Never fall for a tennis player. Love means nothing to them.