The only 8 pairs of shoes Emma Watson (or any woman) will ever need

Actress Emma Watson raised eyebrows with her admission that she owns only eight pairs of shoes. The Independent's Assistant Fashion Editor thinks she's got it just right

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Ballet pumps £295, Lanvin

There is something undeniably chic about a pair of quilted leather ballet pumps. A real workhorse of the wardrobe, a black or monochrome pair will go with almost everything: a summer dress, jeans or even tailoring. Real leather allows feet to breathe, while anything imitation will just end up whiffy.

Trainers £44.99, Converse

While some like to keep their Cons box-fresh, to me a bright white pair of these trainers is a sign that you’re not having enough fun in them. They’re at their best when broken in a bit and the beauty is that you can sling them in the washing machine if things ever get too messy.

Sandals £295, Margaret Howell

If you’re doing anything more arduous than strolling from your beach hut to the shore, anything too flimsy on your feet will end up letting you down – no matter how hot it gets. Geography teachers may be a surprising style icon, but a good pair of leather sandals will last for years.

Court shoes £375, Jimmy Choo

The trend for the monster platform is finally dead in the water and instead the ‘single sole’ stiletto has returned to the fashionable fore. Alongside Jimmy Choo’s more razzy styles, a black patent leather court shoe may seem boring but don’t be deceived - it’s practically perfect in every way.

Wellingtons £79, Hunter

Whether you live in the country or just plan to attend a festival this summer, a good pair of wellies is a sound investment. Hunter is the best, and while the bright colours they offer may mark you out as a townie, a navy or black pair will never date.

Ankle boots £350, Acne

Though small, this chunky heel adds just the right amount of lift to be worn everyday – and most importantly is comfortable enough to do so. Slightly edgy without straying into tragic territory, this perennially cool style adds a rock n roll element to the most workaday of outfits.

Brogues £265, Church’s

A well-turned ankle in a pair of masculine brogues is such a good look, and cordwainer Church’s has long been the holy grail, a status further expanded by its acquisition by Prada in 1999. Properly made in Northampton, breaking in takes some doing – but any initial pain will be forgotten over the years they stay in your wardrobe.

Sandals £440, Robert Clergerie

When it comes to summer wedges or sandals, the rule is the clumpier and chunkier the better – they’ll not only create an instant leg-slimming illusion but allow you to work on your calf muscles as you go about your day. Wooden soles and a leather upper will go with just about anything from summer dresses to skinny jeans.