Why are they trending? #Demo2012, #susanalbumparty

What's trending and why? 21 November 2012

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It has begun: A peaceful student protest march against education cuts bgean today at 11 at Temple Place, taking a route which avoids Millbank, and ends at Kennington at 2pm. The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) is calling for a "feeder march", according to The Huffington Post, so that the route for the demonstration goes past Parliament.

Liam Burns, the NUS President says today's protest needs to make real changes.

You can read our blogger's view of #demo2012, and what students need to fight for, here.

Read Owen Jones' comment on the "Great Reverse" - a slide in general well-being and erosion of rights, here.

@aaronjohnpeters tweets: "If there are any violent thugs that get out of control tomorrow on #demo2012 all I can say is take down their serial number and rank."

@Mirandeee tweets: "demo2012 @ University of London Union http://instagr.am/p/SSgpoKLVtU/" and ""Let's go back to Millbank" chant protesters demo2012"

@KevinJRawlinson tweets: 'We are the plebs' (to 'we are the mods') is the chant at demo2012as the feeder march masses at ULU Independent"

@nusuk tweets: "Students ready to go at the start of demo2012 - lots of "No ifs, no buts, no education cuts" chanting going on pic.twitter.com/YbP5Zucf"

Also running is the #deluded2012 hashtag, for angry people tweeting about "lazy" students, and the flaws in the NUS.

@RebelRevell tweets: "Every "no cuts" sign makes me more convinced that NUS are lying bastards, more responsible for ppl not going to uni than govt"

@Annabel_cleo tweets: "Uni is literally 3 yrs of drinking on the taxpayer's expense. Don't see how any student can seriously expect others to fund it. deluded2012"


There's was much childish tittering on Twitter last night as Susan Boyle's PR team announced the official hashtag for her new album was #susanalbumparty. Will it trend in the UK? With the Twitterati's fondness for puerile humour, it's almost a dead cert.

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