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What's trending and why? 1 November 2012

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If book titles were written like New York Times headlines, this is what they might look like:

@BrianBeutler tweets: "In A Hat, A Cat"

@abby_aguirre tweets: "A View, Yes, But Also a Room"

@JDAdler tweets: "Androids, Do they Dream of Electric Sheep? "

@CoreyZaloom tweets: "The Lightness of Being, Unbearable"

@NickBaumann tweets: "In the Time of Cholera, Love"


Today is officially the first of November, or Movember, as it has become known in recent years.But Movember is not just an opportunity to sport a furry face caterpillar. There is a serious message growing underneath those multitudes of fuzzy upper lips.  Movember aims not just to change the appearance of men's faces, but also "change the face of men's health". Money raised from all moustache-growing efforts goes to testicular and prostate cancer initiatives.


Another event with "mo" in the title starts today. National Novel Writing Month kicks off today, encouraging both professional and amateur writes to compose a novel in just 30 days. You can sign up here: http://www.nanowrimo.org.

@Chrisbaty tweets: "It's NaNoWriMo eve! Good luck to everyone heading out into novel-land tomorrow. Let's go make some beautiful messes."


Patspetition is now closed, but it is still causing a stir on Twitter. The petition requests a review of Iain Duncan Smith's proposed reforms for disability benefits.

@Okwonga tweets: Please read my piece on disability benefit cuts, and consider signing this important petition: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/mobileweb/musa-okwonga/paralympic-legacy_b_1931847.html … patspetition

@OwenJones84 tweets: "This is *REALLY* important. Disabled people are under attack. Please sign petition http://bit.ly/vjspX6  and get PatsPetition trending "


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