Why are they trending? The UK, Olympics, #gdp, Eid, Windows 8

What's trending and why? 23 October 2012

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The UK, Olympics, #gdp

The UK is officially out of the recession. Figures show a growth in GDP in the UK in July and September at a rate not seen since the third quarter of 2007.


Market observers on Twitter say one reason for the growth spurt is the 2012 Olympics, which brought optimism and tourism to the country.

@Artworkmagnetic tweets: "The UK Is out of recession ! Great ! hold the cheese sandwich, I'll have the lobster with a bottle of champagne please ! ! ! "


Eid al-Adha, the "Feast of the Sacrifice", or simply "Eid" begins tomorrow.  Celebrated by Sunni and Shia Muslims, the three-day festival honours Abrham's willingness to sacrifice his son to God. The celebrations will include feasting, slaughtering livestock, prayer, and dressing up in nice clothes. 

@JuztenBieber tweets: "By respect we have to wish an Happy Eid to every muslims on earth, not just to Zayn because he's from the 1D or more even famous than us."


Windows 8

Windows 8 will launch tomorrow. Twitter is abuzz with rumours of what the revamped operating system might be like. Apparently the new interface is very "spartan" and might come as a shock to those used to the previous format.

@davidschneider tweets: "If Windows 8 is good why isn't anyone coming forward to say it was their idea?"

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