i Editor's Letter: Introducing i100


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Last June, on my first day as Editor,  our Managing Director Andy Mullins, Digital Editor Christian Broughton and I sat down together. We tried to answer the question: how do we take i digital (beyond our existing tablet subscription) without replicating what we do in the paper? We don’t want any of you to stop taking i, of course.

Was there a new platform we could create online, rather than copy the familiar format of so many other news websites? Months of testing and development followed that conversation. Today our labour bears fruit, as i100 goes live.

i100 is quite different from your paper. Don’t expect to see i online. You won’t find chunky news and comment articles, or longer reads, familiar features and puzzles, or the comprehensive digest provided for you in i every morning.

But you will recognise some of this title’s founding principles:  brevity, quality, dialogue with  readers, value, and a determination to respond to the age of hyper-information.

i100.co.uk carries “the list” – a top 100 of short stories that you can vote up the running order. No other digital newsroom will be as responsive to its readers.

The gobbets of information will  be much briefer than those that appear in print: paragraphs of news, picture galleries, maps, infographics, videos, quizzes, lists – all of it easily shareable. i100 is made for mobiles but also great on iPads and bigger screens. We hope it will appeal to people who like pithy updates on the go.

i100 has a separate team to i,  leaving us to focus on the paper. Matt Champion joins the i100 staff as News Editor, Dina Rickman as  Deputy and Evan Bartlett as  reporter. Please let them and us know what you think via Twitter –  @thei100, @theipaper or @olyduff– or on email:i@independent.co.uk.