British people prefer a tidy home to sex, says poll


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Phwoar, look at the varnish on that!

A new poll has found that British people find the sight of a spick-and-span house more satisfying than sexual intercourse with another human being.

The results, which also revealed that a clean home was valued above going on holiday, or socialising, will spark fears that mankind is losing sight of its evolutionary imperative to go forth and procreate.

36 per cent of people polled by household appliance manufacturer Beko said that a tidy home was their greatest pleasure, compared to just 18 per cent who chose sex.

Here on the IV Drip we feel compelled to add something to the scientific literature around this topic, so have prepared the following test. HOUSE or HOTTIE?


Now, stop your quivering, and tell us - where do you stand? The passing joy of human flesh, or the eternal satisfaction of cleanliness?