Poll: Does William Hague owe Cathy Jamison an apology for ‘stupid woman’ jibe during PMQs?


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Calm down, dear. It's only another PMQs sexism row.

In 2011, Labour accused David Cameron of sexism after he told Angela Eagle, a female shadow cabinet minister to "calm down, dear" during a Commons debate.

This time round it's Foreign Secretary William Hague in hot water. He was seen to mutter "stupid woman" several times in response to a question from Cathy Jamieson, the Labour MP for Kilmarnock and Loudon. She asked: "Perhaps the Prime Minister could tell the House whether Mr Aidan Heavey's donations to the Conservative Party had any influence on the Foreign Secretary's intervention in his company's tax dispute."

Hague defended himself by saying "I mutter many things in this House. Others shout them rather louder than I do but I mutter many things under my breath and I never intend any offence to any other honourable members."

So does Hague owe Jamieson a proper apology? Were his remarks sexist? Or is this all just a big fuss over nothing?