Poll: Is Lady Gaga wrong to use guns as a fashion accessory?


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She's had some bizarre outfits in her time (remember the meat dress?), but Lady Gaga may have finally taken it too far with this machine gun bra.

She wore the it during a concert on Friday in Vancouver, Canada and although it's not the first time she's accessorised with guns - she wore something similar for a Rolling Stones cover back in 2010 - the timing, only a month after the tragic shooting in Sandy Hook has been considered particularly bad taste by some.

But is this more serious than a simply matter of taste? Does the glamorising of guns have a significant stalling impact on gun control legislation?

If so, Gaga is not the only culpable party. Menswear designer Philip Plein has also come under fire for sending gun-toting models down the runway during his Autum/Winter 2013 show yesterday.