Poll: Should Tony Blair quit as Middle East peace envoy?


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When Tony Blair left Number 10 in 2007 and became the UN's Middle East envoy, there were two ways of looking at it. If you were among the dwindling number of his hardline supporters, then he was continuing to fight the good fight and bring stability to the region. Or if you were in the other camp, it was one of the most ironic titles to bestow upon the co-architect of the Iraq war. 

Today, Blair is facing calls from a range of former ambassadors and politicians to step down from the role. The letter, signed by former ambassador to Iran Sir Richard Dalton and former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, blames the former PM for the current crisis in Iraq, and accuses him of trying to "absolve" himself of any responsibility for it.

Are they right, or should he stay in his position? Let us know by taking our poll below: