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Max Benwell

Max Benwell is Writer and Commissioning Editor at Independent Voices.

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Poll: Should Tony Blair quit as Middle East peace envoy?

When Tony Blair left Number 10 in 2007 and became the UN's Middle East envoy, there were two ways of looking at it. If you were among the dwindling number of his hardline supporters, then he was continuing to fight the good fight and bring stability to the region. Or if you were in the other camp, it was one of the most ironic titles to bestow upon the co-architect of the Iraq war. 

Debate: What's wrong with the England Football Team?

Football is one of the great exceptions to the grand tradition of English pessimism. Every four years this is tried and tested at the World Cup, and proven all over again. That said, this time things looked like they could be different. For the first time in recent memory, expectations seemed to be set at a rational level (low).

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Poll: Is Ukip a racist party?

Ever since Ukip burst onto the political scene, a growing list of its members and supporters have been accused of racism. But does this mean Nigel Farage and his merry band of predominantly white men are all nasty nationalists?

It's unclear what polling data the party has been looking at recently, as they seem to be playing very strongly to the UK's “racist” demographic. Politicians will say anything to get elected, right?

Poll: Who should replace Paxman at Newsnight?

The news that Jeremy Paxman is to leave Newsnight after 25-years of grilling a long list of terrified politicians and celebrities hasn't exactly come as a shock. As Simon Kelner writes in today's Voices, it's been clear for a while that Paxo's heart hasn't been in it.

But it's still big news, especially for anyone suspicious of the politicians he did so well at lambasting. The Westminster crowd will no doubt be breathing a sigh of relief today, which can only be a bad thing.