Strictly vs. The X Factor: Which do you prefer?


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The X Factor returned to our screens over the weekend for a tenth season and managed to pull in an audience of 9.2 million - that's 500,000 more than last year's debut. But ITV bosses won't have long to celebrate; this Saturday they'll have serious competition in the form of the BBC's talent show, Strictly Come Dancing, also on its tenth season. X Factor has it's hardcore fans, and so does Strictly, but who would win in a fight?

The Judges

The X Factor

Simon Cowell has long since ditched Blighty's X Factor for the glamour and big bucks of the US version, but it's hoped Sharon's return will make up for that. Meanwhile, Gary Barlow is providing the no-holds-barred criticisms and Nicole Scherzinger has developed a nice line in quotable zingers. Our favourite: "Two words, honey: LI - VING" *snaps fingers twice*.

Score: 4/5

Strictly Come Dancing

While X Factor judges come and go, Strictly's line-up has remained relatively constant - and there's no doubting they know their stuff. Head judge and Bethnal Green boy Len Goodman is a four-time British ballroom dancing champion, while new judge Darcy Bussell is the former Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet

Score: 3/5

The Contestants

The X Factor

The X Factor specialises in making stars from nobodies - or rather finding the star quality that was there all along. Memorable contestants include hyper-camp Rylan Clark and you might also have heard of a little, moderately successful band called One Direction

Score: 3/5

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly's stars are already stars when they come on the show. Sort of. The range of B-listers to have cha-cha-ed across our screens include Alesha Dixon, Chris Hollins and Natasha Kaplinsky.

Score: 2/5

The Host

The X Factor

Who is it these days? Dermot? That cheeky chappy one who reminds us a bit of Dermot? Or the posh blonde one who used to edit Smash Hits? The most memorable thing about X Factor presenters is how they leave all the best lines to the judges.

Score: 1/5

Strictly Come Dancing

Bruce Forsyth has been on TV since the Ice Age and he's still the best. Long may he reign.

Score: 5/5


Strictly with 10 points, to The X Factor's 8. It was close, but no one messes with Brucie.

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