An eerie vision of the forest at night

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Photographs capturing the magical and often eerie effects created by the changing moonlight and night-time rhythms on woodlands and forests go on display in London this week.

Sharpe’s Wood is a collection of photographs taken over four years by Liza Dracup. They reflect the photographer’s fascination for the “mystery” contained within large expanses of trees and overgrown foliage.

The exhibition, which captures woodland around Dracup’s native Bradford, will go on show at the Pitzhanger Manor for its London premiere from Friday until early next year.

The photographs are shot between dusk and dawn, often when the trees are shrouded in darkness. Dracup relies only on natural light from the moon, streetlights and the beams of passing cars for illumination.

Dracup says that the fear she experiences going out to work at the dead of night in spooky forests is her “driving force.” She wants to peer into the shadows to reveal unfamiliar and magical views of a familiar setting.

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Sharpe’s Wood will be at PM Gallery & Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing, London from 12 November un 8 January 2011,