Caught on film: Joy Division on tour in 1979

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Intimate portraits of Mancunian band Joy Division on tour the year before their frontman Ian Curtis' tragic death are available to buy as collector's items for the first time.

The photographs were taken by notorious rock photographer Kevin Cummins, a former NME snapper who charted the rise of key bands like The Buzzcocks, The Smiths and the Happy Mondays in the post-punk era.

Cummins’ career began just as Joy Division was formed. He was given closer access to them than any other photographer.

The images, primarily from Joy Division's 1979 tour, capture the band’s quiet introspection offstage, their close friendships and their legendary energy in live performances.

"I was learning to be a photographer, while they were learning how to be photographed as a band," Cummins said.

The collection of images are available to buy online here.

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