Jenny Pockley takes Manhattan

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An exhibition of paintings by British artist Jenny Pockley opens at a London gallery tomorrow.

Inspired by a recent trip to New York, the series of colourful oil on gesso paintings feature the Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler building and views over Manhattan.

“The last couple of shows I’ve had have been all based on London city scenes so it just seemed like a natural progression to further explore the architecture and landscape of other cities,” Pockley told The Independent Online.

“I went out to New York to explore this. I think the work has its own character that has progressed from the London pieces.”

The artist works from a series of photographs taken quickly in succession, lending her paintings the edge-smoothing effect of a slow shutter speed.

The white gesso surface gleams through the thinly painted oils giving what Pockley describes as a “luminescence” to the scenery.

She is interested in continuing the city-based theme and is considering going to Hong Kong, Paris before or other American cities next.

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‘Taking Manhattan’ by Jenny Pockley opens at the Sarah Myerscough Fine Art gallery, 15-16 Brooks Mews, Mayfair from tomorrow until 2 October,