Must see: Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist, Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London SW1

The genius and beauty of Da Vinci's brilliant bodies

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We've had Leonardo the painter at the National Gallery. Now it is back to Da Vinci the scientist with a show of his drawings, an almost complete exhibition of the anatomical studies on which he spent a lifetime's observation.

Totalling 100, they are endlessly fascinating in detail, probing in their exploration of the human body and lucid in presentation.

It's too simple to separate this great Renaissance master into artist and observer: Leonardo aimed to embrace the whole universe with a study that could discover its rules, delineate its principles.

With his belief that all creation was part of a universal plan, he was able to take such information as he had to a surprisingly sophisticated view of the body's workings.

And even without the science this is a show of artistic excitement, beautifully displayed and lit. If you want to witness genius at work you can't miss it.

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