Raising Dust: Encounters in Relational Geography

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A provocative multi-media exhibition exploring contemporary notions of identity in relation to Europe opens at the Calvert 22 gallery in London next week.

Curator Richard Appignanesi invited a group of predominantly Eastern European artists to respond to the poetry and politics of place.

The concept for the exhibition is that the very idea of Europe is in itself a dislocation, a nomadic horizon which responds differently to the shifting perspectives and desires of its inhabitants.

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Each artist contributed work which addresses this proposition in relation to their Eastern European roots.

Three other artists of Indian, Cypriot and British descent have extended the encounter with Europe even further east so as to fully interrogate our ideas of what comprises this continent.

As the title might suggest, a central symbol within Raising Dust is an everyday household broom. It serves as an emblem of basic human endurance, while also asserting that issues being faced cannot be swept under the carpet.

'Raising Dust: Encounters in Relational Geography' is at the Calvert 22 gallery in London from 8 December 2010 until 20 February 2011, calvert22.org