The Pain of Desire - picture preview

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The Pain of Desire, an exhibition of new work by British fashion photographer and artist Wendy Bevan opens at the Cob gallery tomorrow.

Her first solo show, it was commissioned by Cob to coincide with concept store Guts for Garters’ new Surreal Women show which includes pieces by Grayson Perry, Alexander McQueen and Eileen Agar.

Bevan’s series of Polaroids of a nude model whose appearance is reminiscent of the femme fatales of silent movies era Hollywood draws on her experiences as a fashion photographer.

“I realise that as a photographer I’m creating desires for women. I’m not consciously doing this, I’m simply creating a vision which is ethereal and nostalgic; but it is an impossible world,” Bevan said.

“It’s called The Pain of Desire because everybody has desires which feed a pain within us.”

Bevan, who is also a violinist and singer in the band Temper Temper, will perform music at tonight’s private view in response to the photographic series.

“I feel the worlds of music and art really link with one another. When I’m on stage the two worlds merge into one. The images and feelings that I give the character I play when I’m singing could be one of the women in the photographs,” Bevan said.

Wendy Bevan: The Pain of Desire is at the Cob Gallery near Camden, London from 16 June to 30 July,