Art on the Underground: French conceptual artist Daniel Buren makes new Tube map cover

He might once have pasted unauthorised posters all over the Parisian underground, but Buren's work will officially adorn London's

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He started his career as a guerrilla artist on the Paris subway, but now one of France’s leading conceptual artists has won a major commission for the London Underground.

Daniel Buren, who made his name in the 1960s by pasting hundreds of striped posters (so-called affichages sauvages) around 100 metro stations, has created the cover for the 21st edition of the Tube map.

Daniel Buren's Tube map poster

Art on the Underground has also commissioned Buren to make a large-scale poster. The works are titled From A Single One To Millions: Ink On Paper, 2014 and From a Single One To Millions, Part 2.

The pieces are a prelude to Buren’s forthcoming permanent artwork commissioned in conjunction with the major upgrade at Tottenham Court Road station, launching in 2015. 

He is the 21st artist to be commissioned to make a Tube map cover, but is the first to use the Underground’s iconic Roundel symbol.

His work use layers, rotates and repeats this famous logo, resulting in a lattice framework. The official Roundel at the bottom of the map appears as if it has broken free from the pattern of red and blue.

Buren came to prominence in the 1960s and is known for his use of contrasting coloured stripes and abstraction.