Nissan Sunny 'artwork' stolen

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Could it be the first artwork stolen by accident? It seems unlikely that whoever made off with artist Clara Ursitti's L-registration Nissan Sunny had realised that it was shortly due to go on display at an art exhibition in Cheshire – although they may well have noticed that something didn't smell right.

Ursitti, who also works as a lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, had imbued the 1994 car with the luxurious whiff of a Rolls Royce, carefully recreated from an 1980s scented magazine advert.

She had also had the vehicle's bonnet, rear and undercarriage soundproofed to recreate the feel if not the look of the aspirational car, and was planning to use it to chauffeur visitors around the Tatton Park Biennial exhibition.

But the exhibit, ironically named Ghost, disappeared from outside her Glasgow home on Sunday. "If it was stolen they would definitely have noticed the difference straight away," Ursitti said. "The sound was so much smoother, and then there was the smell as well."

Police say it was on their list, but were not holding out much hope for its return.

"Has anyone seen it? A teal-coloured Nissan Sunny Inspiration?" Ursitti asked yesterday. "It's not an attractive car. Top Gear said it's probably the worst car that's ever been made. But it was rusty, it was decrepit, it was perfect, and a lot of work had gone into it. I need it back."

The artist is now looking for a replacement. "Has anyone got an awful, bashed-up looking clunker, but one that actually goes? We've got 'til Friday, and can go to about £350."

The Tatton Park Biennial opens a week on Saturday, with or without her missing Nissan.