Stolen Ai Weiwei seeds sprout new exhibition; Run For Your Wife hobbles along

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From tiny seeds great shows grow. Or that’s what Day + Gluckman are hoping. The curators are asking anyone who pocketed one of the millions of porcelain sunflower seeds that made up Ai Weiwei’s monumental artwork at Tate Modern in 2010 to give something back and lend their souvenirs to a new show.

Couriers of Taste will open at Danson House in Bexleyheath in April and, with a little help from Ai’s light-fingered international fans, aims to explore themes of “international trade, cross-cultural influences and authorship”. Those with a stolen seed (and a guilty conscience to assuage) should email by 8 March. The curators promise to keep seeds separate and return them to their “owners” in October. No questions asked.

Not running but hobbling

Run for Your Wife which took just £602 when it opened last week has had a unexpected boost –from pensioners. Danny Dyer and Sarah Harding may seem unlikely lures for the grey pound but Odeon’s series of Senior Screen morning showings has boosted the film to takings of £13,052 this week. Clearly, some people enjoy feeling that the last 30 years never happened.

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