Tinchy Stryder in I'm A Celebrity 2014: Everything you need to know about the rapper

The musician is in for a shock, he he has never even been camping before

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Name: Tinchy Stryder

Age: 28

Occupation: Musician 

Relationship status: Dating

Phobias: “I don’t want to say anything to jinx myself.”

Interesting fact: Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb helped him to kick-start his career.


Tinchy Stryder launched his career with his debut album Star in the Hood in 2007, and has since released three more.

The bookies' favourite to win this year's contest, his top hits include Number 1 ft. N-Dubz, and Take Me Back ft. Taio Cruz.

His latest track saw him unexpectedly collaborate with the Chuckle Brothers on a charity single: To Me, To You (Bruv).

Tynchy Stryder is also a businessman. As well as founding the Star in the Hood clothing line, he merged his entertainment company Takeover Entertainment with Jay-Z’s Rock Nation to create Takeover Roc Nation.

The rapper said he agreed to go to the jungle because he enjoys challenges, and stressed it didn’t make him ‘uncool’.

“I know people will go ‘you are cool’. But doing this doesn’t mean you are not cool. I do think the jungle is cool. I don’t like to be boxed. I am so excited to be going in the jungle. You have to live and you only live once," he said.

Tinchy Stryder looks set to have a shock in the Australian jungle, as he has never been camping before.

“Even when I go to carnivals or festivals, I don’t sleep in a tent. I even put plastic bags on my trainers so they don’t get muddy!” he said.

I’m A Celebrity will begin on ITV on Sunday 16 November.