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The 10 Best bookends

From wooden pirates to brass chess pieces and Morph
  • @SAMuston

1. Morph

£18.99, gettingpersonal.co.uk

Those of us who grew up with Tony Hart's art programmes will recognise these. The Morphs will brighten any shelf .

2. Handmade Vinyl Record

£14.50, ellieellie.co.uk

You can jazz up your book collection with these. Though, be warned, you may end up with Frank Zappa's jazz efforts holding up your Orwell essays.


3. ICD

£29.50, notonthehighstreet.com

These props don't have any fiddly bits, they're just two dictionary-sized hunks of oak timber from the Lake District.


4. Acrylic

£6.50, johnlewis.com

Looking for some low-key bookends? Then check out this whip-thin, see-through pair of acrylic ends from the ever-reliable John Lewis.


5. Falling

£14, bouf.com

These are made of a thin metal that tilts at an angle, with your books held at 70 degrees. It makes for a pleasing effect, but suits hardbacks best.


6. Kinsley Brass Chess

£79, artisanti.com

These solid brass chess piece ends look like they should be gracing some old plutocrat's desk. You're unlikely to find anything sturdier or better made.


7. Fish

£47, artisanti.com

You don't have to be a huntin' and a fishin' type to appreciate these fish bookends. They have many virtues, not least their shiny looks and solidity.


8. Wooden Pirate

£14.99, tch.net

Here's a way to get your little ones reading: give them these colourful pirate bookends to hold up their favourite Harry Potter or Roald Dahl.


9. Statue of Liberty and Angel of the North

£36, hirstandhirst.co.uk

Your copies are looked over by New York's first lady and Anthony Gormley's vast sculpture. They're seriously cool.


10. Wise Old Owl

£26.99, treather.com

They may look like featherlight cuddly toys, but the black velveteen and silk owls are weighted with sand, so they won't ever fall off their perch.