The top ten: Tautologous abbreviations


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Thanks to Simmy Richman for suggesting that I should collect redundant words at the end of abbreviations, examples of what he calls RAS* syndrome. One correspondent proposed a related phenomenon, of abbreviations that take longer to say than the words they stand for, such as VW, but there aren't 10 of them.

* redundant acronym syndrome

1. Please RSVP Thanks to Paul Hanlon and Nick Reid.

2. RPG games (Role-Playing Games). From Simon Read and Paul Hanlon.

3. HIV virus

4. OPEC countries

5.. LCD display Via Ramesh Biswas.

6. ISBN number Ramesh Biswas again.

7. ABS brakes From David Forder.

8. PIN number

9. PAC code (Port Authorisation Code, when changing provider but keeping same mobile phone number). Thanks to Andy Cowper.

10. ATM machine Especially one belonging to TSB Bank. From Karen Bloor.

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Coming soon: Lost positives (such as ept and hevelled). Send your suggestions, and ideas for future Top 10s, to