Star Wars: The Last Jedi teases new storyline and cameo details

Though technically still rumour, a reliable source for Star Wars leaks has revealed some very interesting information about Finn's role in the upcoming film

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Fans may have assumed the revelation of Star Wars: Episode VIII's title, The Last Jedi, would open the floodgates of information on the upcoming sequel.

Unfortunately, Disney is quietly biding their time here, aside from the occasional sly hint at what's to come - including the reference to a "special connection" between Rey and Kylo Ren.

Any other information surfacing remains strictly of the unofficial kind, and though Making Star Wars' new report should be treated officially as a rumour, the dedicated fansite does hold a pretty strong record for breaking big, accurate stories about the Star Wars series. 

This new leak of information concerns Finn's role in The Last Jedi, one which sees him embark on an undercover mission in a new kind of Star Destroyer; one that's far more reminiscent of a huge, solid wedge than the classic Empire-era ships, and which likely serves as the new command centre for the First Order. 

The report also adds that the mission may involve planting explosives on the ship, aided by Kelly Marie Tran's character; though the Star Destroyer will be orbiting a planet that could serve as the new base for the First Order, after the destruction of the Starkiller Base. 

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There are also a few more interesting details on what's thought to be a cameo by Tom Hardy, with the actor himself doing little to dispel those rumours. It had previously been reported Hardy would play a stormtrooper who used to know Finn when he was FN-2187 and slaps him on the ass as a form of greeting, because that's exactly what a Tom Hardy stormtrooper would do.

It had previously been reported that the stormtrooper knew about Finn's defection to the Resistance, but it's now believed that the stormtrooper is seemingly unaware of the events on the Starkiller Base, and congratulates Finn on the promotion after seeing him in disguise in a First Order officer's uniform. 


However, it should again be stressed this is all technically rumour for now - likely only to be fully revealed when the film finally hits cinemas.  

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits UK cinemas 15 December.