Caught in the Net: Clap your hands for Rye Rye's new single

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I tend to find any song with a recurring handclap motif hard to resist: such is the case with the new single by Baltimore artist Rye Rye. "Sunshine" is a giddy dash of electro rap – get it at doyex7.

The 19-year-old MIA protegée releases her debut album Go! Pop! Bang! in January on MIA's NEET label. Rye Rye's mentor also offers guest vocals on the track and appears alongside her in the appropriately summery video, which, shot in washed-out tawny tones and with dancers on city basketball courts fondly evokes early Nineties hip hop. Watch the video at

Gorillaz rock the Letterman crowd

Gorillaz' difficulties in connecting with the audience at Glastonbury are well documented but they had no such problems when they recently dropped in on David Letterman's TV chat show in New York. After performing a song, they stuck around to tapea full 45 minute live set for's Live on Letterman series. They brought along some guests for the event including De La Soul and Booty Brown. The gig culminated with a rendition of 'Clint Eastwood', (Kano and Bashy substituted for Del the Funky Homosapien), and the crowd joyously invaded the stage to round things off. See the perfomance at

Animal Collective branch out

Over the past few months there's been a drip feed of new music from Panda Bear, leading to the long-awaited release of his new album Tomboy – some new snippets of which arrived this week – see them at Meanwhile, his Animal Collective cohort Avery Tare has also got a solo ablum on the way: Down There is released on 25 October, through PAW Tracks, the label founded by the members of Animal Collective. The records' closing track "Lucky 1" is available now at; it's a murky and swampy dose of electronic psychedelia that is quite affecting but doesn't stray too far from his full band's oeuvre – see also a video for the track, which comes with complementary visuals,

Yelle for feisty French electro-pop

French singer Julie Budet is better known in her electro-pop guise as Yelle. Last week saw her put out a new single, "La Musique" through the Parisian label Kitsune, Recalling Eighties electro-pop, with a dash of electroclash and some recent disco and house flourishes, the track is brief, brisk and confident. All in all it's quite addictive in a manner you would hope from a French female electro-pop singer. The track also comes with a series of remixes and is available at