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Whether through his lyrics, his epic concerts, recent political campaigning or just his all-round good-guy persona, Bruce Springsteen is never shy of flexing his man-of-the-people credentials.

Now, a putative documentary takes things a step further. For Springsteen and I, the boss is asking fans to send five-minute films with their "most personal insights, abstractions and reflections on how Bruce Springsteen and his music has affected your life." The film, which is slated to be released in 2013, will edit the clips into a feature-length documentary. Those keen in taking part can upload their efforts at until 29 November.

An artist going to great lengths to please

Back in October, the Canadian electro artist Dan Snaith, who goes by the dual identities of Caribou and Daphni, played a DJ set at a London venue to mark the release of an album (Jiaolong) under his Daphni moniker. His set clocked in at an impressive seven-and-a-half hours and helpfully, Snaith/Daphni/Caribou has put the whole thing on Soundcloud to stream and download in two parts:, What I heard sounded rather nice.

Har Mar Superstar: the talk of the internet

The success of the excellent interview podcast WTF (, in which US comedian Marc Maron chats at length with comics (and people from other areas of the arts), has spawned plenty of imitators. One such new addition to the genre is a show called Nocturnal Emotions with Har Mar Superstar, on the comedy content site Since September, he's been sitting down with fellow musicians, artists and actors for discussions on random topics. In recent editions he's shot the breeze with Chili's bassist Flea and musician Father John Misty (aka Josh Tillman). Previous episodes include conversations with Macaulay Culkin, Ellen Page and MNDR. Head to nocturnal-emotions.