Caught in the Net: To know her is to love her

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The lo-fi LA surf popper Best Coast – aka Bethany Cosentino (above) – has been hotly tipped. She's currently doing a brief UK tour and has a debut album due soon. In the meantime she's throwing out new songs like they're going out of fashion: Last week came "Our Deal" pegged to a viral series at and this week brought "Far Away" and "Everyone's Gone" from a limited edition 7-inch single, which you can get for free if you buy some Eskuche headphones – the tracks are also streaming at All three follow on the foundations laid with her earlier songs, mixing hazy 1960s harmonies, a lo-fi Phil Spector feel and guitars flitting from a grunge dirge to Ramones-like speed.

Yair Yona is a name to remember

Sitting in a bar in Jerusalem, I heard an album playing by a musician called Yair Yona. It was quietly mesmerising; full of intricate guitar picking and beautiful melodies. The LP was Remember and consisted of 10 guitar-led instrumentals pulling in blues, country, jazz and more. It called to mind the guitar experiments and compositions of John Fahey, Ry Cooder and Tom Verlaine's 2006 instrumental effort Around. The album is available at, where it also streams.

A Gauntlet Hair-raising experience

"I Was Thinking" is the debut song from a Colarado duo with the odd name Gauntlet Hair. It's the latest record to be released on the new label Forest Family Records (the vinyl comes with B-side "Our Scenery"). You can download the lead track from the label at forestfami The song's a gem: guitar lines shimmer, the vocal is distant but wistful and it's lovely.

New York heralds a new classical talent

A piece by the New Yorker's great music critic Alex Ross alerts to a young, new classical talent. Timothy Andres, a composer and pianist, was born in 1985 in California, raised in Connecticut and now resides in New York. Shy and Mighty, released on 24 May, is his debut for the Nonesuch label ; it features 10 interrelated pieces for two pianos performed by Andres and David Kaplan. At there are streamed excerpts from the entire record, which, to my untrained ears, sounded good. On the composer's website,, there are streams and downloads of many of his previous compositions and performances.

New delivery service from Moshi Moshi

With iTunes, Spotify and others battling over the online music market, it's interesting to see what record labels are trying. Indie label Moshi Moshi has started a decent download subscription service at For £25 subscribers get an entire year of Moshi Moshi releases with each new record delivered to their email inbox on the Friday before it goes on sale.