End of the World Playlist: get into the doomsday groove

Whether tomorrow brings destruction or disappointed speculation, we've got the music to get you through it

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The Mayans might have predicted the end of the world at around 2,600BC, but it feels as if modern musicians have been singing about it for far longer.

From The Doors' "The End" to Marilyn Manson's "Running To The Edge of The World" we humans seem unhealthily concerned with the imminent demise of the planet we inhabit.

We seem quite keen on the idea, in fact, judging by Tame Impala's "Apocalypse Dreams" and the popularity of Muse's "Apocalypse Please" (although the British rockers' USP is arguably singing about the inevitably miserable at the very best of times).

So, whether tomorrow brings the end of the world as we know it (as R.E.M might wager), inconceivable destruction, doom and death (as AC/DC predicts in "Highway to Hell") or (more cheerfully) the disappointed quashing of thousands of years of speculation (sing along to "Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)"), we've got the playlist to get you through it.

Please leave suggestions for other songs in the comments section (below) or tweet them to @IndyMusic and we'll update and expand the list (which you can listen to via Spotify, above) until tomorrow evening.

If we're still here, that is...