Royal baby playlist: Songs that may (or may not) reflect Britain's mood in response to arrival of the Prince of Cambridge

Listen here and give us your suggestions for songs to include

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The noise of Royal baby mania might now be reaching a pitch so high it is only audible to dogs, but musicians have been singing of princes, thrones and crowns for some time.

The Independent’s arts aficionados today joined forces to come up with a playlist which may or may not reflect the country’s mood in response to the arrival of the Prince of Cambridge.

Some of the songs chosen are simply celebratory (“Baby Love” by the Supremes) while others (“I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”) reflect the weight of responsibility already on the shoulders of the Duke and Duchesses’ 8lbs 6oz bundle.

There are a couple of more creative inclusions, such as “Born to Run [the country?]” by Bruce Springsteen, and Roy Orbison’s “Crying” - which pretty much only reflects what the Royal child will be doing for the next few weeks besides sleeping, eating and you know what.

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Why I Love You” is taken from the appropriately titled Watch The Throne; and Robbie Williams’ last album, Take The Crown, provided plenty of Royal lyrical fodder of which we felt “Be A Boy” was the most appropriate.

A bit of death metal even made it onto the list (Hate Eternal’s “The Victorious Reign”) and who could deny the relevancy of Guns ‘n’ Rose’ “Sweet Child of Mine”?

Staunch Republicans though some of us may be, we deliberately omitted Elvis Costello’s “Bullets For the New Born King”.

We’ll be updating the playlist throughout the day. Add your suggestions in the comments field below or tweet them to @TheIndyArts.