The Word On... Mongrel, the new album

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"It is a slickly produced, bass-heavy combination of indie, rock and hip hop. But really, it's the lyrics that set this group apart.

This album gives you no option but to sit up and listen, indeed the title track even repeatedly screams 'You listening?'" - Robyn Burrows,

"The Mongrel album might not be the best record in the world (it is illuminating, energetic and often a little clumsy or forced) but it is certainly more of a statement than 99 per cent of the new releases you'd have to pay for this week." - Steve Lamacq,

"Lowkey is articulate, passionate and full of fire. So are the other MCs – the interplay and back and forth of "Act Like That", and the fierce "Barcode", feature some badass rapping, angry and well-constructed, rhymes that Chuck D would patronise." -

"The rapping in parts seems a bit strong and it would be nice to see the styles of some of the other band members in the choice of vocals. But, overall, this album is a hit and will hopefully lead the way for more non-mainstream music." -